Meet Carol

Carol Schumacher was called to midwifery after the two natural births of her children, Sarah in 1974 and Christopher in 1975.  After raising her children she fulfilled her dream of becoming a midwife in 1998 when she graduated from a two-year midwifery program in Utah.  She became a Certified Professional Midwife in 2001 and is licensed by the State of Texas.  Carol has an evidence-based homebirth practice in Houston.  She believes educating her clients and offering them informed choice empowers women and provides them with safe, quality midwifery care.
Carol is a member of the Association of Texas Midwives Education Committee and an educator for the ATM Midwifery Training Program.  She is one of the educators for Normal Intrapartum (normal labor and birth) and complications of the Intrapartum.  She served 6 years as President of Greater Houston Midwives’ Alliance, a professional society of Licensed Midwives which provides accountability and continuing education.
Travel has enlarged Carol’s life and she is fascinated by different cultures, their traditions and anthropology.  When she has time she enjoys weaving, spinning and knitting.   She has two beautful grandchildren who live just around the corner and she is devoted to her Hemmingway cat, Murphy.


I believe pregnancy and birth are as wondrous and life-changing as they are normal. Natural (unmedicated) and normal (vaginal) childbirth is the safest way to bring a baby into the world, and for many women it is also the most satisfying.  Most women who are educated about birth, supported by their husband and patiently nurtured during labor can experience this joyous rite of passage.
We cannot improve nature’s design and, in fact, we may do harm when we intervene in the course of normal events.  Identifying the instances when pregnancy or birth is not normal and when medical intervention is needed is fundamental to good midwifery practice.
I believe Parents are the stewards of their children.  It is their responsibility to educate themselves about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and parenting.  They have the right to receive informed choice about the care they and their newborn receive.  I believe parents have the ability, the right and the responsibility to make decisions about their care and assemble a qualified birth team who will respect their authority while practicing within the standards of safe care.
Breastfeeding is far superior to artificial feeding.  Not only does it provide your baby with nature’s perfect nutrition, it protects your baby with antibodies, encourages good mouth and dental development, enhances your mothering through hormones, and is cheaper and safer than any artificial substitute.  Almost any woman can successfully nurse her baby when she is given accurate information, timely counseling, and family support.  Rarely, there are circumstances which prevent a nursing relationship.  I have the utmost respect for the women, who in spite of earnest efforts at breastfeeding, resort to partial or complete artificial or formula feeding.
“The first intervention in natural childbirth is
the one that a healthy woman does herself
when she walks out the front door
of her own home in labor.”
–Michael Rosenthal, OB/GYN